Civil war rages in New Democracy in view of the presidential election

Civil war rages in New Democracy in view of the presidential election

Athens, October 14, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Tensions rose in New Democracy, with Vassilis Meimarakis adjourning the meeting of KEFEA and called his representative Theodoros Abatzoglou to leave, after an intense dialogue with the members of the Election Committee.

Meimarakis denounced the process, holding the secretary of the party, Andreas Papamimikos, responsible for ridiculing the process.

He added that he will not participate in any debate, while dropping innuendos.

Earlier, speaking to reporters, he had said: “At a time when the people are tested by a government which is faltering, I will not condone to the ridicule of the process, which is consciously being attempted by Secretary Papamimikos and others. Neither will I get involved in the debate, which is also a ridicule. I demand for the competition for the procedure to end. I’m going to tell Abatzoglou to leave”.

As it became known, Abatzoglou will participate again at a meeting of KEFEA after the specifications have been established and the tender for the company that will take over the electoral process has been declared.

The representative of Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou, said: “When we had agreed unanimously in everything, the president came and took place what you saw. The outbreak of the president is out of controlled. This out of control condition is problematic for the president of ND. We had agreed at a 3 euros entry fee for all. We return to KEFEA with our initial positions”.

The representative of K. Mitsotakis, Spyridon Chrysofotis, said: “Before the incident you saw take place, we had agreed that regarding the tender, bids would open on Thursday. We did not want to distinguish between old and new members, as is provided by the statute, and we agreed on a price of 3 euros for all”.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis characterizes wrong and unethical Meimarakis intervention to the process of KEFEA.

“We need to safeguard the prestige and unity of the New Democracy”, he said.

Adonis Georgiadis said: “During the meeting of KEFEA we agreed to everything and then this incident occured. For the good of the history of the ND and respecting each New Democracy member separately, we want to continue the process and go to the ballot box on November 22. The unity of the party is over and above persons”.

The Director General of ND, Kostas Tzimaras, reacting to the attack on his person by Meimarakis, during the meeting of KEFEA, stated:

“After the unnecessarily insulting and unprecedented attack I received today from the transitional party president, in the presence of members of KEFEA, I declare that I will not sink to the level he chosen to attack me. But I want to say that I will not permit anyone to question my honor and reputation, known to executives and members of the party in my 40-year course to it. Obviously I reserve all my legal rights”.

Alekos Kokkalis, General Secretary of ND and member of KEFEA, said he disagreed with the decision on the participation fee of 3 euros for all members, because on the one hand it is increased compared to 2009, and because as he put it, “those fighting for the party cannot have the same treatment as the visitors who will come on the polling day”.