Cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina Will Take Part in “Global March Against Monsanto” on 25 May

Cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina Will Take Part in “Global March Against Monsanto” on 25 May


By Medina Malagic.- Sarajevo

On 25 May, activists throughout the world on 6 continents and 300 cities in more than 35 countries will gather at the same time to take part in the “Global March Against Monsanto” campaign to protest against Monsanto and genetically modified foods (GMO).

The organizer of the marches in BiH is “Društvo Za Zaštitu Životinja NOA BiH (Animal Rescue Association) based in Banja Luka.

Their slogan for the marches set to take place in BiH is “Say NO to Monsanto, GMO, and to all those who are behind the import of GMO products and the seeds of evil”.

The organization calls on people to take part in this event and to be a part of the world. They highlight the importance of the events that will take place throughout the world, where people will band together to foster a healthier lifestyle and survival, devoid of what they label as the current threat being levied against our livelihoods, so that “the legacy we leave is love and not the GMO monsters from the Monsanto Corporation”.

According to Maida Sabeta, the Coordinator for the march in Sarajevo: “We hope to call as many people as we can, especially those who are already familiar with the problems of GMO products. So far, 195 people have confirmed that attendance at two locations: Banja Luka and Sarajevo. However, this is only the beginning. After tomorrow’s march, we will begin with real activities that will be directed towards monitoring the market and lobbying to have GMO completely removed from our region. As far as the march is concerned, we are proud that we will be a part of an event that will involve millions of people. More than 300 cities throughout the world on 6 continents will raise their voice against this murderous corporation’’.

Monsanto is a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation that has its headquarters in the US. The global seed market is currently controlled by only a handful of corporations using GMO’s, but the long-term health and environmental effects are a matter of deep controversy. EU countries have already demonstrated their resentment of GMO’s and have taken active steps to ban these products from their markets. Even though Monsanto has been tenaciously trying to ease its way into the EU market, it is being met with increasing resistance in Europe.

Marches in BiH are scheduled to take place in Sarajevo on Ferhadija Street and in Banja Luka on Trg Krajine starting at 17:00.