Christodoulides: Turkey wants to bring a different solution on the table

Christodoulides: Turkey wants to bring a different solution on the table

Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs met with his Greek counterpart

By Michalis Michael

Cyprus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nikos Christodoulides, who is accompanying the Cypriot President to New York, today at the United Nations had a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Mr. Nikos Dendias.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Mr. Christodoulides stated that his meeting with Mr. Dendias was very constructive, adding that “you understand how critical this period is; especially during this week what comes out of the meetings is crucial for the future of the Cyprus issue. The clear message that needs to be sent to all directions and throughout all the meetings that will take place with Turkey, with other third countries, but also with the UN Secretary-General, is that it is essential to pick up the negotiations from where we left them back in Crans Montana, with one and only goal; that of providing a solution as defined by the UN resolutions, a solution of a bi-zonal bicommunal federation. This is our clear message towards all directions, and I can assure you that from our part we will do everything we can to work within the framework I have outlined above. I would like to express our satisfaction towards the support of the Greek Government through its contacts with Turkey and with the SG also. What we are most interested in, of course, is to get results; hopefully, we want to believe that a solution will be reached, because it is possible. If we all really want to see progress in the Cyprus issue, the solution will come”.

When asked about his brief talk with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in the UN building earlier today, the Foreign Minister responded that “as I said to Mr. Cavusoglu, there is only one way to go from here, there is one and only goal; and that is what is described in the UN resolutions for a bizonal bicommunal federation solution.

Other than that, if Turkey has a different view of the objective pursued, it should make this known to the SG. From our point of view, once again, there is no other choice”.

When asked what his conclusions were from his conversation with Mr. Cavusoglu, Mr. Christodoulides stressed that “it is obvious that Turkey is seeking to put a different sort of solution on the negotiating table. Yet Turkey cannot do this without the consent of the other parties. It is also important for us to repeat – we will never get tired of repeating it – that there is neither a debate nor a need for a different type of solution other than the goal pursued. This is the first thing that the President of Cyprus will clearly convey to the SG; the second one is the continuation of the negotiations from where they were left in Crans Montana, the negotiation acquis must be utilized; thirdly, since before the meeting with the Greek Foreign Minister a meeting with a permanent member of the Security Council was held, he will stress that the support of all Security Council members, and in particular of the Permanent Members in terms of the objective pursued, that is the form of the solution, is evident”.

Dendias: We will express to Turkey the need for co-operation on their behalf

From his part, Mr. Dendias said that “I met again with my dear colleague and friend Nikos Christodoulides, and the main topic of discussion was our coordination on many issues related to the foreign policy of our two countries, both in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the Aegean. We will meet again on Friday, when we will also see our Egyptian colleague. We discussed the prospects of restarting the negotiation process in the light of UN Secretary General Miss Lute’s continuous efforts, and in fact, to pick them up from where we left them in Crans Montana. Despite the steadily constructive attitude on behalf of Cyprus, Turkey does not follow a similar approach; it does not help to reopen the negotiations. Provided that the meetings that have been scheduled will actually be held, that is to say the meeting between the Prime Minister of Greece and President Erdogan and then my own with Mr. Cavusoglu, the Greek side will clearly point to Turkey the need for its own cooperation in order for the debate to be relaunched. There is no other way, Turkey must come to terms with the fact that this is what is required by the European framework when it comes to resolving disputes”. /ibna