Chomsky: The EU showed sadism towards Greece

Chomsky: The EU showed sadism towards Greece

Athens, January 28, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“Greece became a conduit from which European funds are directed to banks in northern Europe”, says US academic Noam Chomsky in an interview in which he denounces the EU sadism towards Greece and its position on the refugee crisis.

He stresses that the terms of the lenders have devastated the country’s economy, increased debt, despite huge cuts in public spending and have “kneeled” the productive fabric.

“In theory, Greece received loans to be financed. In reality however, it has become a conductor so that European funds would be used to support the banks in northern Europe, which speculated, lost and now seek to be rescued with taxpayers’ money”, he says in an interview with

“When the Greek government asked citizens to have their say about the fate of the country, the reaction of European elites was that of absolute terror for the insolence they showed. How dare the Greeks show respect to Democracy, in the country which it was born?”, he adds.

“The Eurocrats reacted with absolute sadism, imposing stricter requirements to destroy Greece, while earning what they could for themselves. The target of their sadism is not especially the Greek people, but anyone dares to imagine that ordinary citizens have more rights than the banks, companies and investors”, he notes.

“General austerity measures during the recession, made no economic sense, as was acknowledged by the IMF. It is hard to describe them as anything but a class war that seeks to dismantle the social and democratic gains that were the largest contributions of Europe in the modern culture”, he adds.

Asked about the attitude of SYRIZA, which announced its intention to terminate the austerity and eventually signed a new loan agreement, he says that she has not a good knowledge of the matter and does not know whether there were other solutions. “If they had received any real help from forces within Europe, they would have succeeded”, he supports.

As regards the refugee crisis

Regarding the refugee problem, he denounces that the policy of the West, namely the intervention in Iraq and the destabilization of Libya has created the ISIS and the waves of refugees. Also, the EU policy of sucking every last resource from Africa has resulted in extreme poverty, which today generates refugee flows to Europe.

“The European system is a complete failure in managing a humanitarian disaster which is the result of Western crimes”, he says, stressing that certain countries such as Germany and Sweden have agreed to accommodate a large number of refugees.

But eventually their basic plan is to call on Turkey to halt the flow of refugees, ie they are trying to remain untouched by the refugee problem, as the USA are doing with Mexico.

He stresses that the European project is important, as is evidenced by the period of peace that we are experiencing, after centuries of wars and blood. “It would be a great shame if the Schengen Treaty was to collapse under the weight of an imaginary threat and a problem that is easily manageable in a humane manner”.

Chomsky stresses finally that the refugees are not a threat but can contribute to the consolidation of the European economy and society.