Children are threatened by the internet

Children are threatened by the internet

Pristina, February 10, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Exposure to sensitive materials such as porn and violent images, are some of the serious problems that children are encountering during the use of internet.

More than 76% of children in Kosovo have an uncontrolled access to internet. This was said in the “Safe Internet Day” conference, organized by the “Kosovo Education Center”.

On this occasion, the representative of the EU office to Pristina, Gaby Hagmuller said that besides using internet to be informed, they also have access to inappropriate content.

“Internet can improve children at school and to advance their technological sources which can enable children new discoveries, but it may also leave them exposed to exploitation and damage such as inappropriate content and cyber harassment”, said he.

Meanwhile, Habit Hajredini, from the PM’s office declared that Kosovo is one of the countries of the region with the highest number of children with access on the internet.

“In spite of Kosovo’s poverty, internet access is 76,62%, which is comparable to several EU member countries, such as Bulgaria and Greece. Internet in Kosovo is mostly used by children and children provide a special dimension to this phenomenon, because Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe, thus the number of children up to the age of 18 is proportionally higher than in any other country”, said he.

Meanwhile, Kushtrim Bajrami of KEC, said that a strategic plan has been drafted to protect children from uncontrolled use of internet.

“This strategic plan points out combined measures in establishing capacities and raising public awareness to address the protection of children on the internet. Special attention has been given to a better coordination of stakeholders and the strengthening of children through school”, said he.

The conference also announced several objectives of the strategic plan for the protection of children from the risks on the internet 2015-2019. /ibna/