A child raped on a regular basis by her teacher, strong reactions by the state and the public

A child raped on a regular basis by her teacher, strong reactions by the state and the public

Tirana, 4 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

A child has been reported to have been regularly raped by her teacher. This has provoked strong reactions by the public and state authorities.

The Ministry of Education and Sport appointed a special inquiry committee and dismissed all the heads of the elementary public school in the village of Kryekuq in Lushnja.

The shocking report

Yesterday, Demir Hoxha, 62 years of age, who is seen on the photo, resident in the tourist area of Divjaka, was arrested by local police. He was charged of violent sexual intercourse with a minor and abuse in the line of duty.

According to the report, evidence and medical expertise, Demir Hoxha used to rape the 12 year old, A.K, resident in Divjaka on a regular basis.

For the last time, Hoxha had raped the child on May 29, 2015.

According to police investigation, Demir Hoxha, who had been a teacher for several decades, had carried out sexual relations through the use of force in a repeated manner, with the minor A.K, taking advantage of his duty as a custodian teacher at school. Police authorities were shocked by the fact that the raping of the child was done regularly in the school classrooms or the office of this teacher.

The scandal continues, the teacher: Why did you talk? I would help you to abort!

The scandal with the 62 year old teacher doesn’t end here He was aware of what he was doing, given that he suggested to the girl not to tell anyone and that if she remained pregnant, he would help him to abort.

According to the information that IBNA secured from the precinct of Lushnja, the minor has initially told her family what she was suffering.

The parents took the little girl and went to press charges at the police station. Other procedures, including the medical expertise, were carried out to prove that the girl had suffered sexual abuses.

Immediately after this, police arrested the teacher suspected of pedophilia. In the premises of the police station in Lushnja, there’s been a confrontation between the arrested teacher and the abused pupil. “Why did you tell your parents? If you remained pregnant, I would take you to the hospital to abort”, said the 62 year old to the pupil.

Jetmira K, a relative of the young girl says that the confession of the 12 year old girl to her mother, has shown that the abuse used to take place at 7.30 am, while the last time was five days ago on 29 May 2015.

“A. told her mother about the abuse. The abuse took place at 7.30 am. The last abuse occurred last Friday in the classroom. Everything used to take place in the classroom”, said the relative.

Minister of Education talks about strong measures

Ministry of Education and Sport (MES) reacted and said that it strongly condemns the serious act occurred in the elementary school “Hysen Malko” in Kryekuq, Lushnja.

“The so called teacher will receive the punishment that he deserves from justice, but MES will not stop in just dismissing the heads of schools”, says the ministry led by Lindita Nikolla.

The Ministry of Education and Sport says that it has appointed a committee which will conduct a full inquiry of the event.

“The psychological-social service attached to this school has offered the necessary assistance not only for the pupil in question, but also for other pupils of this school”, MES says.

The Ministry in question warns that “our tolerance will be zero, in order for us to fight such criminal phenomena, by dismissing the pedagogic staff that have closed their eyes in front of such event”. /ibna/