A child from Kosovo dies in Hungarian camps

A child from Kosovo dies in Hungarian camps

Pristina, February 24, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo’s Foreign Ministry informs that the embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Hungary has been informed by Hungarian authorities that on 22 February 2015, a two year old child from the commune of Vitis, has died in an asylum seekers camp in Hungary, where he was staying along with his family.

“Based on official information issued by Hungarian authorities, in the recent days, the child received medical treatment in the asylum seekers center. Hungarian authorities are looking to shed light upon the circumstances of the death of the child and an official medical report is soon expected to come out”, states the press release of the Foreign Ministry of Kosovo.

NGOs Coalition for the Protection of Children has immediately reacted about this case, by blaming institutions in Kosovo for failing to protect children.

The Coalition expresses its condolences to Mustafa family from Begunc.

“We are expecting from the Foreign Ministry to shed light upon the death of the child. This news becomes even more tragic by the fact that the child in question had been travelling to Hungary along with his family in an illegal way”, reads the statement.

These sorts of dangers led to the Coalition to demand urgent actions by public institutions a month ago in order to handle the current situation in the country.

“Unfortunately, we have seen no action by institutions, while Kosovo is losing its main capital. Therefore, we invite institutions once again to take urgent action in order to prevent cases like these. The failure of institutions to prevent unlawful emigration and to protect children from the dangers that they face, is unforgivable”, reads the statement. /ibna/