Chief justice prosecuted in Albania

Chief justice prosecuted in Albania

Tirana, 14 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

The inspectorate for the declaration of assets in Albania has pressed charges today against the chief justice of the Tirana Court of Appeal, Alaudin Malaj. The latter is accused of the lack of legitimate financial sources.

According to the inspectorate, following the checks made on Malaj’s wealth, this institution identified a lack of legitimate financial source and raised suspicion for money laundering in the amount of 1,7 million euros by the judge in question.

The inspectorate demands to the prosecution to conduct a full inquiry on the judge in question, as according to this institution, there are strong suspicions that Alaudin Malaj may have injected “dirty” money, by setting up construction firms on the name of his relatives, by transferring assets, funds and shares through fictitious loan contracts and donations and then through the sale and reinvestment of the assets by the subject in activities inside and outside of the country.

This institution will immediately inform the Supreme Council of Justice and Ministry of Justice to take disciplinary action against the judge. /ibna/