Chief Justice of the Court of Gjirokastra involved in a suspected sexual affair

Chief Justice of the Court of Gjirokastra involved in a suspected sexual affair

Chief Justice of the Court of Gjirokastra, in the south of Albania, Guximtar Boci, has been accused of a sexual affair with a citizen who was going through a trial.

The media has published audio-video recordings which suggest moments of an intimate discussion between Boci and the citizen. The recording suggests that the judge was soliciting sexual favors to the citizen in exchange of a positive ruling on her judicial case.

In particular moments, the recording suggests that attempts by the judge to kiss the citizen.

She refuses, loses her case and at this moment she suspects that her lost has to do with the refusal that she did to the chief justice, Guximtar Boci.

She says that she lost her case in court because she refused to have sex with the chief justice of the Court of Gjirokastra.

It seems that the justice system in Albania doesn’t have only sex, but also lots of corruption and threats. On the last part of the audio recording, the chief justice of the Court of Gjirokastra, Guximtar Boci tells the citizen how to act at the Court of Appeal, how much money she should offer, otherwise she would not win the case. This part of the publication ends with a life threat that Guximtar Boci does to the citizen, when the latter says that she has recorded him.

Meanwhile, the suspect denies his involvement in a sex affair.

Boci denied having ever contacted the women who has denounced. He said that he rejects and that he’s nauseated by such conversation. Boci says that he will pursue this through legal channels.

Guximtar Boci, 55 years old, is the father of two adult girls. Last night, when the TV was showing the audio recording, his eldest daughter was celebrating her wedding.

Present in the wedding were colleagues of the judge and the daughter, who works as the head of the accounting department at the Police of Gjirokastra. Present in the wedding were also prosecutors and police officials. But, many of them have not attended the wedding as they had knowledge of this scandal.

Guximtar Boci has worked as a judge for nearly 20 years. Three years ago, he was appointed as chief justice of the Court of First Instance in the city of Gjirokastra. The Supreme Council of Justice has commended him three times for his professionalism and ethics at work and the most recent commendation was in May 2016.

Speaking on what is being considered as a sex scandal, minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani warned that he would discharge the chief justice of the Court of Gjirokastra.

“This affair where judge Guximtar Boci has been involved is disgraceful and unacceptable for a judge. This person can no longer be a chief justice. He can no longer be a judge. He will be suspended until all procedures for his removal are carried out”, said the minister of Justice.

The minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri has also reacted on this incident. “Dark days for the justice system, among many others this week alone. One in Diber, one in Fier, this one in Gjirokastra. The reform in justice will free us from all these people who occupy the justice system and who are blackmailing the citizens”.

Meanwhile, the Union of Judges of Albania says that it distances from “these shameful acts” and added that it “encourages competent institutions, the Prosecution and Supreme Council of Justice to act, in order to shed light as soon as possible on this event and take the necessary measures”.

“We would like to assure the public that the majority of judges have no connection whatsoever with these dangerous phenomena, which violate the ethnical norms of a judge and society’s morals”, the Union of Judges said. /