Changes within ministry of Interior in FYROM, political reactions

Changes within ministry of Interior in FYROM, political reactions

The new minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski has started to make changes in the ranks of this ministry, by removing people who have not fulfilled their professional obligations, but who have been influenced by politics.

Minister Spasovski said that this ministry will be depoliticized. The Ministry of Interior has drafted a report stressing the fact that the former Police Commissioner, Mitko Cavkov, has allowed the violent incidents taken place on the night of 27 April in Parliament.

“23 police officers have been removed, while disciplinary measures have been taken against 45 of them. On the night of the violent incidents, Cavkov didn’t respond to the requests made by people who were responsible for the security of Parliament and didn’t send extra police forces. The report blames Cavkov on this”, minister Spasovski said.

On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE has reacted by saying that SDSM has removed from duty professional police officers and recruited party militants.

Gruevski’s party considers the fact that Interior minister Spasovski didn’t suspend any police officers who last year helped in the attack against the offices of President George Ivanov, as hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, former Police Commissioner Cavkov has declared that he has acted according to the law on the night of April 27.

“Police has immediately acted after we were notified on the incidents taking place in Parliament”, Cavkov said.

Cavkov has also been accused by former minister of Interior, Agim Nuhiu, as according to him, Cavkov has not responded to his telephone calls for two hours to give the order for police intervention. /