Champions of the Tour de France to Come to Sarajevo

Champions of the Tour de France to Come to Sarajevo


By Maja Tuljkovic – Sarajevo

The first bicycle race Sarajevo Grand Prix will be held on 22 June at 11:00 in front of the City Administration in East Sarajevo. The Director of Tour de France Christian Prudhomme and ten champions of the biggest cycling race have confirmed their attendance. In addition, they have supported this project. The President of the European Cycling Federation has supported this event as well.

Sarajevo Grand Prix 2014 is held under the auspices of the Tour de France and will be held as a part of marking the 100 anniversary of the start of the First World War. About 100 athletes are registered for participation in this event and they will pass 140 km through 14 municipalities.  Sarajevo Grand Prix 2014 is part of the project “Sarajevo – the heart of Europe”, which includes nine countries to join the ceremony of remembering the beginning of the First World War. This project gets together the biggest number of people, because apart from the sporty character of the race, it has a recreational character as well. The aim is to gather about 5.000 cyclists, who will be dressed in the same T-shirts with the label of Sarajevo Grand Prix.

According to the program, the race will start from the City Administration in East Sarajevo, through Dobrinja to Nedžarići, to the main Sarajevo Street, Obala Kulina Bana to the Hygiene Institute. The competitors split there to continue toward Vogošća and 13 other municipalities, and recreational athletes will go toward Vilsonovo Šetalište (Wilson’s Walk).

The promotional video of the race will start to broadcast on 1 June and the famous B&H singer Dino Merlin, who is part of this video will say “everybody to come to Sarajevo Grand Prix and to show how many we are” and Claudia Carceroni de Carvahlo, a multiple world champion in cycling will send the message in French language.

The aim of Sarajevo Grand Prix 2014 is that Sarajevo and B&H to be presented as a new sports destination, cycling and recreational destination and in the future Sarajevo to become a summer center of tourists cycling. This is after a long time the biggest sporting event that takes place in open in Sarajevo. This is also an opportunity for B&H to shine because over three billion viewers of the Tour de France will have the chance to see the beauty and the people from this area through clips from this race.