Challenges of ethnic dialogue in Kosovo

Challenges of ethnic dialogue in Kosovo

Institutions of Kosovo have continued their efforts to establish dialogue between Albanians and Serbs.

President of the country, Hashim Thaci has held a public debate during the weekend with Serb media and representatives of civil society in Cagllavica, Pristina, where he has talked about the developments that Kosovo is going through.

Thaci said that the Serbs of Kosovo have often been constructive and ready to cooperate, but Belgrade is “destructive in the relations with Kosovo”.

“We will continue to hold such debates. I shall communicate with all communities and representatives of civil society, in order to work together in order to build a joint future”, Thaci said.

Representatives of NGOs share different opinions about the functioning of ethnic dialogue in Kosovo. The head of the non government network of organizations CIVIKOS, Valdete Idrizi, says that the situation is positive and dialogue is advancing from one year to another.

“All around Kosovo we can see different cases of cooperation. This cooperation is present in all communes inhabited by different ethnic groups”, Idrizi says. /