Challenges of Kosovo’s businesses to penetrate in the EU market

Challenges of Kosovo’s businesses to penetrate in the EU market

Pristina, 4 May 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Now that Stability and Association Agreement has entered in force, government of Kosovo is looking into the possibility of helping Kosovo businesses to penetrate the EU market. The growth of standards and quality are the main fields where investments are needed to increase the competitive power of domestic products.

Deputy minister of Trade and Industry, Avni Kastrati says that SAA is a big advantage and obligation for Kosovo.

According to him, the access of Kosovo businesses with their products in the European market which has 500 million consumers, will only be possible through products that are safe and healthy for consumers.

After the enacting of SAA, which offers access to Kosovo businesses in the European market, it will not be easy for these businesses, due to the competition and high standards of the European market.

UNDP expert, Marjan Kavran says that Kosovo will face different challenges to penetrate its products in the EU markets, the same as Croatia, which has problems accessing the EU market due to the size of this market.

“Competition is very strong. Kosovo producers must be orientated in products which are lacking in the European market. But they must have a high quality”, he says.

Head of the European Department of Integration and Coordination of Policies at the Ministry of Trade, Irfan Lipovica says that this ministry is focused in helping businesses and Kosovo producers to access the European market.

He says that in order for businesses to do this, they must offer products and services which meet European standards. /