The three challenges of the Balkans in the path toward the EU

The three challenges of the Balkans in the path toward the EU

Pristina, 7 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

In Bled, Slovenia, Foreign Ministers of Balkan countries have discussed the challenges that this region faces in the path toward European integration.

The focus of this forum was dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, the name dispute that FYROM has about its name and cross ethnic problems that exist in Bosnia, IBNA reports.

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Enver Hoxha declared that the problems that the region faces need to be addressed in a more serious way in order to move forward.

Stopping on one of these three challenges, on the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, Hoxhaj said that without mutual recognition, Serbia cannot become an EU member country.

“For domestic and external reasons, the EU remains for every country of the region an attractive project and a factor of change. But, without addressing these three historical challenges, such as the name dispute between Skopje and Athens, cross ethnic problems in Bosnia and reconciliation between Kosovo and Serbia, we can hardly talk about progress in the European agenda of the region. Serbia must not become an EU member country without a mutual recognition with Kosovo”, Hoxhaj said.

This panel was also addressed by foreign ministers of the region.

Hoxhaj has also met FYROM’s Foreign Minister, Nikola Poposki and discussed with him the latest developments in the region and the bilateral relations.

Besides agreeing on advancing on a joint political and economical agenda, Poposki thanked minister Hoxhaj for the help that Kosovo has offered to FYROM during the floods, where the government of Kosovo allocated 50 thousand euros last week.

Meanwhile, Hoxhaj has also met with former EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Fule, who is now a special envoy of the Czech Republic for the Balkans. /