Will the “CEZ” suspected affair be investigated by FBI?

Will the “CEZ” suspected affair be investigated by FBI?

Tirana, 8 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

The “CEZ” affair has seen new developments on Thursday. The socialist PM, Edi Rama, who so far has been against of an international inquest on this case, declared from parliament that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was asked for assistance in investigating the CEZ affair.

Rama briefed the opposition, which initiated a bill to enable an international inquest that this will be done within the Albanian legal framework.

“I would like to inform you that your request to include international investigators in this process will be within Albania’s constitutional framework, because this is not a banana republic”.

Earlier, the opposition had demanded an international inquiry by submitting the constitutional amendments needed to give way to this inquiry.

But Rama said today that it is possible for the investigation to be done by foreigners without making amendments in the Constitution. “We have asked FBI to assist us with the investigation and we would be very happy if you join us in this, in order to encourage the prosecution to include international investigators in this investigation. We hope that FBI will offer a positive response. Within the legal framework, we will have the highest independent quality of international investigation”, Mr. Rama said in parliament.

Thursday’s session was very intense and retorts were exchanged between PM Rama and former PM Berisha. As it rarely happens, the debate between them took place in the parliament’s podium, face to face ./ibna/