Cerar voices concern over US placing Slovenia on anti-ISIS list without consultation

Cerar voices concern over US placing Slovenia on anti-ISIS list without consultation


Review Hari Stefanatos

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar appeared worried for the fact that Slovenia was included in the coalition against the Islamic State without first consulting with the government.

Slovenia opposes terrorism and being on the list is not controversial per se but “I am bothered by the fact that we have been placed on the list without the government’s knowledge”, Cerar told Radio Slovenija in an interview, to add that “we will have to voice some sort of protest, it is not appropriate to consent to our country being placed anywhere without our knowledge and consensus”.

The Slovenian Prime Minister said that Slovenia will eventually concede after carefully examining the matter, but he excluded the possibility of Slovenia taking part on military operations against the jihadists.

The Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Slovenia had not participated in the compiling of the list, but “as a responsible part of the international community, and an EU and NATO member, it is part of efforts to fight terrorism as a threat to international peace and stability”.

The State Department said being on the list did not mean direct military engagement, as efforts to counter the organisation also include military support to the Iraqi partners, stopping the flow of foreign fighters, countering ISIS funding, addressing the humanitarian crisis, and de-legitimizing the group’s ideology.

However, the move was criticized in Slovenia, with some media going as far as claiming that it is reminiscent of the controversial Vilnius Declaration of 2003, in which ten East European countries supported the US military intervention in Iraq.

(Source: Sloveniatimes)