The census issue reveals the tragedy of BiH society

The census issue reveals the tragedy of BiH society

Sarajevo, June 30, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

BiH Agency for statistics, despite the objections from RS, published the final results of census performed three years ago. These results show that entities in biH are almost ethnically clean and that the war has left visible consequences on the entire BiH society even two decades after its end.

According to these results, at the time when the census was performed BiH had 3,531,159 residents. Out of these 50.11% are Bosniaks, 30.78% Serbs and 15.43% are Croats. Compared with the census of 1991, which is the last performed before this one, the number of Bosniaks was raised by seven percent, the number of Serbs dropped for one and Croats for two percent. In Federation BiH live 74% Bosniaks, 22.4% Croats and 3.6% Serbs. In RS live 81.51 percent Serbs, 2.41% Croats and 13.99% Bosniaks. In the Brcko district live 42.36% Bosniaks, 34.58% Serbs and 20.66% Croats. The biggest city is the BiH capital Sarajevo with 275.524 inhabitants, Banja Luka is second with 185.042, followed by Tuzla 110.020, Zenica 110.663, Bijeljina 107.715 and Mostar 105.797.

Just a few hours after the publishing of the results began the first political calculations. Part of the politicians in Federation BiH consider this results the best evidence that Srebrenica suffered genocide because the number of Bosniaks in this city is smaller and now live 26.29% of the prewar number of members of this nationality.

On the other side, Serb analysts warn that the number of Serbs in Sarajevo is just about 3 percent. In four municipalities of Sarajevo, before war lived 92,271, while according to the census of 2013 the number of Serbs now is 10,442.

Politicians from RS earlier said that they will not accept the census results as relevant because more than 190,000 citizens who have address in BiH but in fact live in other countries are included in this census. They demand this category of citizens to not be recognized as BiH residents, but Statistic Agency of BiH refused this and published the results. The reaction from RS was sharp and it is possible to put it in one sentence: these results are not correct and have illegal background.

Miljan Popic, Deputy Director of the BiH Statistics Agency, stressed that the results are fake and statistically useless, and that “the profession has fallen on its knees under the pressure of the politics”.

Popic said to the media that the presentation of some sort of census data, which are in contradiction with the Law on Census, will create a serious legal precedent for the BiH Agency for Statistics and permanently damage its position and reputation among statistical institutions within BiH, as well as other partner institutions at the international level.

“Where such type of behavior leads us to and what message we are sending to both internally, within BiH, and internationally, sufficiently shows the fact that the presentation of such census results will not happen in the highest legislative home, where the Law on Census was passed and all these activities started more than three years ago, in the Parliament, but in a hotel conference room”, Popic stated.

RS president, Milorad Dodik, stressed that the publishing of the BiH population census results on Thursday shows the entire farce in which BiH lives. He confirmed that RS will not accept or publish these results.

Dodik says that the attempts by Bosniaks to force the truth that suits them on others makes a completely illusory country of BiH.

“This is something that must be clear to everyone. The arrogance and attempts to publish results this way, despite clear positions of the RS Parliament and all other institutions, are incomprehensible. This was done with the assistance of a foreign factor in BiH which once again demonstrated that it is a biased party and not a party which should secure objective and consensus-agreed procedures and data”, Dodik said.

Similar statement to media gave the president of RS National Assembly, Nedeljko Cubrilovic, who stressed that that the National Assembly had already ordered the RS Government to draft a law on the population and housing census of RS on an urgent basis to allow the entity Statistics Institute to publish the census results.