Census in FYROM to be completed by 2019

Census in FYROM to be completed by 2019

The population census in FYROM will be completed by 2019. This was declared by Metodija Kolovski from the United Macedonian Diaspora in the USA, following the meeting held in New York with PM Zoran Zaev.

“In his meeting with us, PM Zaev said that the census will be carried out by 2019 and that this process will be a transparent one”, Kolovski said.

According to him, the Diaspora has told Zaev that it is against the new bill on the advancement of the Albanian language in FYROM.

This meeting also discussed the name contest with Greece and the fact that this organization has demanded that all talks with Athens be suspended, because there are no positive and hopeful movements in this process.

Meanwhile, today, PM Zoran Zaev will address the UN General Assembly in New York and will meet the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutierres. /balkaneu.com/