Cavusoglu: We can perform drillings together with Libya

Cavusoglu: We can perform drillings together with Libya

“If they get into our continental shelf we will obstruct them”

Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu said in an interview with the Ahab television network:

“With Libya the agreement is legal. With Libya we can also do seismic investigations and drilling. No one can do work in our shelf without our permission. If they enter our shelf without permission we will block them.

All these areas are within our shelf, so in our shelf no one can do any work without our permission. If one tries of course and we will block them as we have done in the past in Cyprus.

The new agreement at this point touches our shelf with Libya. So we can do the same work in this area. Let me show you the map again, here is our shelf, this one with the green is Libya. What they have now set and expanded. In the future if they want we can work with them.

With this agreement we defined the western boundary of our shelf. We did that with Libya; if we are asked we could do a lot of work together. Such as seismic explorations and drilling”./ibna