Cattle disease has turned into an epidemic in Kosovo

Cattle disease has turned into an epidemic in Kosovo

Pristina, 24 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

In Kosovo, authorities and farmers are concerned as cattle disease is turning into an epidemic. This would have a chain effect on the economy of the residents and the country.

Office for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development says that if the cattle skin disease is not prevented, then it will affect all cattle in Kosovo.

Experts from this office say that the expansion of this disease in all areas of the country is turning into an epidemic.

“If not prevented, this tragic trend can seriously damage cattle, which is a very important category of animals from which we secure milk, meat and many other products”, experts say.

They say that the spreading of this disease is alarming for local farmers, who survive on the farming of cattle.

Experts of the Office have visited over 160 farms, where they have concluded that around 2600 animals have been affected by the disease. Some hundreds of them have died.

Experts demand from the government to secure vaccines in order to prevent this disease. They warn that if the disease is not treated with vaccines, then the death of the animals is unavoidable.

Earlier, 25 thousand vaccines supplied by the European Commission were used by the government for cows and calves in Kamenica, where the first source was identified. The challenge now is the vaccination of 270 thousand cattle throughout the country. Minister of Agriculture, Memli Krasniqi says that measures have been taken all over Kosovo in order to carry out massive vaccinations to prevent further spreading of this disease. /