Caricatures in Serbia forbidden again

Caricatures in Serbia forbidden again

The caricatures of the famous Serbian artists – Predrag Koraksic and Dusan Petricic – have been forbidden again. The local authorities in the town of Kraljevo did not permitted their exhibition in its premises. The activists of the initiative Local Front reacted by marching with the caricatures through the town.

Earlier this month the caricatures installed in the library in Belgrade municipality Lazarevac had been removed one day after exhibition of Petricic and Koraksic opened. The works of both authors mostly refer to politics in Serbia.

Serbian daily Danas has recently been sharply criticized by the high officials of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) led by president Aleksandar Vucic, because of Koraksic’s caricature in which he suggested that some SNS executives were inspired by Hitler and Goebbels. Initially, Vucic reacted negatively, but after criticisms of journalists associations and EU officials he verbally supported the freedom of expression.

SNS rules in almost all municipalities in Serbia, including Kraljevo.

After local authorities forbade the exhibition on Thursday, activists organized the performance “Caricatures Against Dictatorship”. Vladimir Marovic, an Local Front activist, said that people from the municipality first said that the exhibition space is occupied; after that, they did not want to respond on further requests to allow the exhibition. “We tried to reach them by phone, but were unable to”, Marovic said.

“We wanted to demonstrate that the caricatures represent an artistic project. Where the art is being suppressed, the freedom is suppressed; and where freedom is suppressed there’s a dictatorship. Therefore, the citizens have no other choice but to fight for their rights in the streets”, Vladimir Marovic explained. The exhibition of the caricatures will continue in the Local Front premises in the next several days./IBNA

Illustration by Dusan Petricic