Can Macedonians come to an agreement with Macedonians

Can Macedonians come to an agreement with Macedonians

Macedonia should immediately begin the most important negotiations for a secure accession to the EU and NATO. Macedonians should first negotiate with the Macedonians, and then it’ll be much easier with Brussels. Leading politicians should meet with the leaders of the two main political parties and finally agree to jointly take responsibility for the direction the country will take and determine the future of citizens they have been promising for 27 years. If those determinations were honest, there should be no difficulty in determining the ultimate goal. Both major political parties in all their program documents, as well as all other relevant parties in the country, clearly set out the European future of the country with regular NATO and EU membership.

Both political parties have had successes and failures on that path, have voted thousands of laws and declarations in the Assembly, and both participate in the work of both the EU and NATO bodies, both have contributed to the processes that led the country to candidacy in the two Euro-Atlantic alliances. Both parties have made huge mistakes for not finishing this job long ago and allowed time to be wasted for Macedonia and punish the majority of citizens living in poverty and under the regime’s discipline in a corrupt society where values ​​are destroyed and thieves are celebrated. So, it is an agreement between the political representatives of the majority of people under which conditions can the strategic priorities of the country that are in sight be realized.

Will these negotiations between themselves, Macedonians with Macedonians, be more difficult than those with Macedonians from Greece. The answer is yes, with great possibility for them not to be sustained, and if sustained, they might end up in total failure. In fact, this is the reason for us to be contemporaries in the 21st century, probably the last attempt to provoke another tragedy of the Macedonian people that has been following us for centuries. .It’s all clear to us that if “patriots” and “traitors” negotiate, such as division, we will barely reach Tabanovce, let alone Brussels. Not in two months, if there is a referendum, not in 11 months, when we should become a member of NATO, not in 11 months, when the negotiations with the EU should begin, not in seven years, that separate us from EU membership, but for the next hundred years there will be no agreement among politicians who are more an incident in history than willing to make history. It is rather possible for the citizens of Macedonia to join the EU and NATO, as residents of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, living in the same cities and towns, in the same streets and houses, but as part of other neighboring countries. While our politicians and great intellectuals say how disagreeable the agreement with Greece is and encouraging divisions and conflicts, in those years of instability, the great powers might realize that the apple of discord can become an apple of peace if it is divided among the neighbors and is eaten. They call it a solution to the problem. If they err they call it collateral damage.

Our wise and educated academics, university professors, international law experts and constitutional changes erga omnes, worried with tears in their eyes, preach that Macedonia is over. Disaster, cataclysm, horror will be in front of your eyes if you listen to them, it’s only a matter of days, according to their prophecies, when we wake up without knowing who we are and what our name is. We are entering a phase of collective dementia of the Macedonian people. They ease our brains, our nation, language, history, name … as one would do with a pencil eraser. We lose our identity forever. Aside from us losing and no longer knowing who we are, the whole world will also forget who we are. Macedonians will simply disappear off the face of the Earth.

Note one key thing in these high-profile debates and catastrophic forecasts. These wiseasses never offer a solution. None whatsoever. Neither worse nor better. They demonstrate in a non-philosophical, vigorous language things that we already know. If we translate these treatises and interpretations of the agreement with Greece into an understandable Macedonian language, then we will find out what we already know before they open up their mouths to this decades-long debate. They tell us that injustice has been done to us. Yes, nothing new, we have known this for a long time. They tell us that apart from justice, law is also on our side. Yes, and we know too already. There is a verdict from The Hague. They tell us that there are provisions in the agreement that are not good and imposed. Yes, we learned this too. That’s it. Nothing more. No solution offered. These geniuses do not deal with such details.

Well, when they saw that this was not enough in their mission to hinder the country’s future, they began to lie shamelessly. They say that Macedonia is wiped out. Proton-Pseudos, a great lie, father of lies, from which all other lies arise. The truth is that Macedonia remains as it was during all these 74 years. First was federal, then national, then socialist, then Former Yugoslav, and now North… But it is always Macedonia.

They intimidate us with fictions that the state will be called “north of Macedonia” and that we will be called North-Macedonians. This too is a big lie in order to scare the citizens. Then they start lying about the national identity, the language, and the changes in the constitution, points and commas in the agreement, which, we as uninformed, are not aware of how difficult it will affect our future life from the day they come into force. Of course, these are all fabrications, because it is clearly stated in the agreement and the article on Macedonian citizenship and nationality as a Macedonian, as well as the Macedonian language.

Yes, we expected and we should have received a much better decision in Brussels to start negotiations with the EU. Instead of June 19 of the following year, it would have been ideal to be immediately, today, tomorrow the latest. Thus, we all would have been more relaxed, the tensions and the divisions in the country would have reduced, the referendum would have been met with less uncertainty, and there would not have been a lot of European and our money spent on campaigns explaining why it is good to be a member of NATO and the EU. Now hatred will be sown and reaped for another 11 months, another 11 months of lies, quasi-patriotism, speculation, games and framing. The divisions of the Macedonian society continue to grow because of the needs of the great powers to solve some of their issues at the expense of the Balkans. It is not the first time that this is happening through the history of the Balkan peoples. And they could very easily postpone the negotiations for as long as they want if Macedonia does not do what it needs to do. But the chance remains and it needs to be used and we need to finish our part of the task. We can instantly go back to the place we were, maybe even far more behind.

What can and should be done in such a situation, when there is a historic chance to break away from Balkan mentality and move forward to where we belong both geographically and politically and culturally. It is a fact that this is the highest level we have reached so far to become a member of NATO and the EU. Those who see the future of Macedonia in Europe need to pull up their sleeves and work hard so each citizen can see that our future is in the Euro-Atlantic integration and in the Europeanization of Macedonia. A referendum defeat of everyone who pulls Macedonia back will be the best answer.

Erol Rizaov