Calls to outlaw communist parties in Albania

Calls to outlaw communist parties in Albania

IBNA Special Report/The right wing in opposition is demanding for communist parties in Albania to be outlawed. Why is this incentive coming and how do communists expect it. A chronology as to how communism in Albania has precipitated. IBNA hears from the democrat MP, Mesila Doda and chairman of Reorganized Labor Party, Marko Dajti

By Edison Kurani

A debate has been triggered in Albania over the existence of communist parties. Main opposition party, such as the Democratic Party is demanding through its MPs a special law which would outlaw communist parties in the country.

Doda: Communist dictatorship is being glorified

Mrs. Doda offers several reasons why communists must be outlawed. She mentions the latest attempt to overthrow a monument of former King Ahmet Zogu and the demands made public by a part of the current government (Socialist Movement for Integration) to hold great celebrations on the 70th anniversary of the Anti-fascist National Liberation War (ANLW).

“Today, with the tendency that we’re seeing in these extremist forces for terrorist and violent acts, it’s necessary to reintroduce the article which forbids the creation and suspends the activity of these political monsters”, says Doda.

She adds: “The demands for the glorification of the past are as condemning as these acts. There have been numerous requests to hold great celebrations for the ANLW and to redimension Enver Hoxha as commander of the war. It was this war that ended not as a war against the invader, but a fratricide war, where a part of the population persecuted and murdered its fellow countrymen. This was the time when 6 thousand Kosovars were killed as a result of the communist collaboration in the massacre of Tivar and where the then communist Albanian government was entirely involved in crime by killing and executing hundreds of intellectuals since the end of the war. On this 70th anniversary of crimes, they are requesting to honor today’s men in power and their allies”.

Doda says that “all progressivists of this country must join forces to say not to the outrageous aim to honor the communist, fratricide and terrorist past of this country”.

How did communism in Albania precipitate

On November 8, 1941, a group of Albanians founded the Communist Party of Albania, while the country was under fascist invasion and later on under the Nazi one. The goal of this party was to liberate the country. The country saw the introduction of a communist regime, copying different models, at the beginning the Yugoslav one, then the Russian one and then the Chinese one. Until 1991, communism was dominating in Albania, but in the last 2-3 decades, it degenerated into an Albanian species by being characterized by the dictatorship spirit.

This resulted into a tragedy and drama for hundreds of thousand Albanian families, psychological terror, violence, poverty and loss of the human value and personality. A special law also outlawed all religions.

During the communist regime the Albanian Communist Party converted into the Albanian Labor Party. In 1991, after the first pluralist elections were once again won by this party, a few months later, its congress changed its name to the Socialist Party, a name which it holds even today. But it didn’t only change the name. Gradually, prominent names of the communist  regime left this party and only a few managed to survive.

When pluralist regime returned into the country, the right wing government decided to “copy” the USA, by outlawing communist parties. Nevertheless, this didn’t hinder several parties to continue their activity.

In 1997, when the left came back into power, this law was abrogated.

Now, 17 years later, history is repeating: After 8 years in power, the right wing opposition is demanding for communist parties to be outlawed.

Dajti: Communists have survived even in illegality

Currently, Albania has at least 5 communist parties. Amongst the most prominent ones is Reorganized Labor Party, ally to the Socialist Party in power.

Its chairman, Marko Dajti told IBNA that such requests coming from the Democratic Party are unacceptable.

“More than half of the members of the party of brigands, Democratic Party have been former members of the Albanian Labor Party or our collaborators of the former secret services up until two decades ago”.

Speaking on the legal incentive proposed by the right wing, Mr. Dajti says: “The law today has turned into an instrument of a minority which dominates over the majority, a minority which is living in luxury by leaving 90% of Albanians in misery, a minority which defends traitors and attacks patriots, who have sold themselves out to foreigners and who are selling out Albania and Albanians”.

Dajti believes that there’s only one solution to improve the general political and social climate in Albania: “Today, I demand to this class of brigand politicians to leave as soon as possible the path of abusiveness and treason against the people and the country”.

Asked about the reaction of his party on the law, Mr. Dajti says: “As for us, communists, we have survived even in illegality and have come out stronger. But these must not add another crime to their previous crimes”.

Dajti assures that such incentives “cannot shut the people up”.

The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Reorganized Labor Party, Marko Dajti challenges the initiators of the right wing when he says: “These oppressors and new tyrants cannot resolve the problem of their moral nudity by outlawing progressive forces of society. It’s us, communists, who will not only outlaw these brigands and traitors of society, but we will also hold them accountable for the crimes that they’re committing against the people. /ibna/