Call to arms, SP presses charges against former PM Berisha

Call to arms, SP presses charges against former PM Berisha

Tirana, 29 April 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

The Socialist Party has pressed charges on Friday against the former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, following his calls a week ago in the house of parliaments for the population to be armed. Although Mr. Berisha said that with this call, he meant the drafting of a bill for the population to be allowed to carry guns in order to be protected by what he called “criminal gangs controlled by the government”, the majority considered this as a call for civil war and a serious criminal offense. On its part, the Parliament’s Bureau decided last week to expel Mr. Berisha from parliamentary proceedings for a period of 10 days.

As a sign of solidarity, the DP parliamentary group also decided to boycott proceedings for 10 days.

According to Albanian law, public calls to arms receive a sentence of up to 5-10 years in prison.

This episode has aggravated relations between majority and opposition. Socialist Prime Minister, Edi Rama considered the declarations made by his predecessor as an attempt to prevent the reform in the judiciary system. /