Butrint is Albania’s most favorite tourist destination

Butrint is Albania’s most favorite tourist destination

Butrint is considered to be Albania’s most favorite tourist destination, at least according to Trip Advisor, which considers Butrint as the main tourist attraction point in the country.

According to Trip Advisor’s map, Albania mostly attracts tourists for its historical sites and in particular, in the archeological park in question.

Let us recall that this tourist point is protected by UNESCO since 1992.

Located in the southeast corner of the peninsula of Ksamil, the Archeological National Park of Butrint has an area of 15 hectares and its situated 30-35 meters above sea level.

Meanwhile, referring to other countries of the region, which also have many attraction points for tourists, Trip Advisor says that Serbia and Kosovo, like Albania, attract tourists with its historical locations.

Belgrade attracts foreign tourists with the citadel, while Kosovo with its ethnographic museum. Meanwhile, Montenegro and FYROM attract them with natural beauties, such as the Bay of Kotorr and Ohrid Lake. As far as Greece is concerned, the Acropolis remains the top destination for tourists. /balkaneu.com/