“Buroj Ozone” becomes a reality

“Buroj Ozone” becomes a reality

Sarajevo, August 18, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

Many in BiH were suspicious about the one of the biggest constructional projects in the state, the “Buroj Ozone” resort, which was announced to be built soon near the city of Trnovo, just an hour drive from Sarajevo.

The story about this project begun year ago when a group of investors from Arab countries came in BiH to find a place for this project but all suggested destinations failed to satisfy their wishes. On the end of journey and search, disappointed with an unsuccessful trip through a large part of BiH, they asked the driver and the translator to stop in order to make a pause on open road. The driver parked the vehicle on the edge of valley and guests were amazed with the view. “That is it! This is what we are looking for!” was their reaction.

Nice story but just a small number of people in biH believed that “Buroj Ozone” will ever be constructed. For months, on the place reserved for resort, investors set the big billboard which was welcomed with ridicule. But all of them were silenced on Thursday when investors announced that “Buro Ozone” foundation stone will be set at the ceremony scheduled for September 19.

According to the Dubai based investor company owner, Ismail Ahmed, this is an investment that will attract tourists to BiH, and is worth 4.5 billion BAM (2.25 billion Euro).

At the press conference, which was held at the Hotel Bjelašnica, Mayor of Trnovo, Ibro Berilo, said that he, since the beginning of the project, was optimistic and believed in this investment, because it can bring prosperity, both in the area of Canton Sarajevo, and throughout the country.

“Two years ago, when I met Ismail Ahmed for the first time and when we launched the story of the construction of the complex “Buroj Ozone”, I knew that a constructive discussion will be transformed into action. We met six months after the first interview and agreed to build a tourist complex. Prior to the construction of the complex we have invested great effort in the preparation, and it is a plan that covers an area of 137 hectares”, Berilo said.

He emphasized that experts examined  the water supply capacity of the site on which to build a tourist complex in detail and determined that there are no obstacles for its construction.

Ismail Ahmed spoke of the problems that investors experienced during first phase of project and interest for the construction of the complex. He added that everything has been corrected and that the most important thing is that the regulatory plan was finished.

“I am happy because we have overcome all obstacles, especially with the completion of the regulatory plan. I am sure that the project will attract a lot of tourists in Trnovo, but also on the whole territory of BiH”, Ahmed Ismail said.

“Buroj Ozone” will be the largest tourist resort in South Eastern Europe, and construction will be carried out to the highest quality standards. Within the tourist resort “Buroj Ozone” seventy luxurious hotels will be built, and in some of them it will be possible to buy apartments at relatively affordable prices.