Burhanettin Duran: What does the Russia-Turkey reaproachment means

Burhanettin Duran: What does the Russia-Turkey reaproachment means

Ankara, August 11, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Manolis Kostidis

Burhanettin Duran is the Head of Turkey’s Strategic Research Institute (SETA)

Turkey and Russia were realizing that the two countries were counting losses from the deterioration of their relations after the incident with the aircraft. Damage not only in economic level, but also in diplomatic and strategic level. The two countries’ relations with neighboring countries in the Black Sea, Caucasus, Syria as in the eastern Mediterranean were becoming affected. This was too much of a burden for both countries to bear.

Of course we can not speak of an alliance, but rather a rapprochement, but not as a counterweight to NATO and the US. At this point we must emphasize that lately the EU continuously criticizes Turkey. Perhaps this approach is a message to the West, but it does not mean that Ankara severs its ties with its alliances, rather it should be seen as an attempt to send the message of the adjustment of relations with everyone.

To the issue of Syria, however, both countries recognize their different positions and the two leaders search for cooperation points, such as the fight against the Islamic State. On whether the future of Syria will be with Assad or not, we cannot a match in opinions. But they are looking for the point where their positions intersect to achieve a positive contribution to their interests.