Bundestag approves the Greek Programme

Bundestag approves the Greek Programme

Athens, August 20, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The German Parliament approved the Greek Programme with 454 in favor, 113 against and 18 abstentions.

The German Finance Ministry said that in order for Greece to have a stable development, the Eurogroup welcomes the fact that it was the right choice from Greece to decide on the Agreement and measures, “from our part, we will help Greece get on the right track”, Schaeuble stressed.

Through analysis we agreed on a package, we completed the Memorandum and based on that the Eurogroup has prepared a three-year package worth EUR 86 billion, Schaeuble said and added: “The first tranche of EUR 26 billion is a bidge-agreement that will allow Greece to cover its obligations. The capital controls must soon be lifted in order to allow for the gradual restoration of the Greek economy”.

Each stabilising package, Schaeuble said, will consistently check if the obligations of Greece are met. “Based on the progress we will decide if we can guarantee the disbursement of the next tranche, first at Eurogroup level and then by the German parliament”, he said.

Last year we said that Greece would have surpluses, but these last months have toppled our forecasts, noted the German finance minister, laying the blame on more time to the SYRIZA government for its handling in the nagotiations.

With regard to debt, he explained: “It’s a very high debt and from our perspective, in the coming years will need to be sure that the ability to meet the targets will be achievable. We will examine this in the Eurogroup in October, when we will reach a conclusion on the debt. What we will examine is the schedule of repayments, which at this stage has been agreed by both sides. However, there is not going to be a “haircut”, it is neither feasible nor possible”.

Finally, asking the MPs to support the Greek agreement, he said that “it would be unacceptable not to give Greece the margin of a new beginning” and was applauded by those present.

The “green light” for the new Greek package has already been given by the Parliaments of Spain, Austria and Slovakia.

Civil War in the Dutch Parliament for the Greek program

“Pinocchio of Netherlands” called the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte his powerful political rival Geert Wilders during Wednesday’s episodic discussion of the Dutch Parliament for the third aid package for Greece.

The reason for the above characterisation were the pre-election commitments of Rute in 2012, that no additional money should be given to Greece, which he violated, “betraying the people who voted for him”, according to Wilders, the head of the Dutch third party in Parliament.

“Every time the European governments believe the ‘addict’ of Europe, Greece… Greeks take their money”, said the right-wing eurosceptic in his speech to the Dutch parliament.

Along the same lines was the speech of the head of the Dutch Christian Democrats, Sybrand van Haersma Buma, who expressed the view that the support package for Greece “is not good neither for Europe nor for the Netherlands”.

Other opposition MPs called for guarantees from Mark Rutte that the IMF will participate in the rescue program.

The Governing Council constituted by the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy of Rute and Social Democrats of Yobe Cohen has already approved the third support package for Greece, as the approval of the country’s Parliament is not needed in such cases.

The official approval was given last Friday and the Netherlands are expected to offer nearly EUR 5 billion from the total of EUR 86 billion that will be given in full with the third program to Greece.