Bulgaria: You can’t win a war with restrictions, fines and fear, Radev says

Bulgaria: You can’t win a war with restrictions, fines and fear, Radev says

“We cannot win the war against coronavirus only with restrictions, fines and fear”, said President Rumen Radev, after attending today a meeting of the Central Business Crisis Office in Blagoevgrad.

“I also want to thank the frontline people – the doctors, the police, the volunteers, the transport staff, the traders, the social systems, the teachers who do their job under these difficult conditions; the crisis staff for their huge effort against the coronavirus.

We have discussed various aspects of these actions for the crisis. It is understandable to voice concerns about the mission of all hospitals to diversify their individual units to fight the virus. Amidst this situation, there is also the risk that these hospitals will be completely excluded and that the treatment of chronic diseases, oncology, heart and emergency cases will be impossible while people stay home and wait. This, as many experts believe, runs the risk of increasing the mortality rate of these categories of patients to a great extent compared to those of coronavirus. Therefore, one of the suggestions that came up was to set up a unit of anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses from other hospitals – so that there would be a clear separation of the flows and separate the infected people so that other patients could continue their treatment. Such a proposal is addressed to the Minister of Health.

The restrictions imposed must be respected and I would like to thank all Bulgarians for their respect. But the continued existence of these huge restrictions poses risks bigger than the virus, President Radev added.

“Therefore, we must set a clear national objective – as quickly as possible, but also safely, to return to a relatively normal lifestyle, to restore the free movement of persons and goods. This calls for a robust and decisive expansion of the anti-virus strategy and resource adequacy. This requires comprehensive, timely and accurate information so that we can clearly see what is really going on in the country and identify effective and targeted strategies. There is no such information at present – a thorough demographic examination, the creation of different social groups and risk groups is required. I am determined to obtain the information on what we are doing. This is a very complex process which can be difficult to handle based only on 4,000 trials, which is a negligible statistical share compared to 7 million Bulgarians. We cannot win this war only with restrictions, fines, fear, guilt and ignorance among the population.

Therefore, we must go beyond the scope of speculation, mass restriction, social paralysis and adopt this strategy more rapidly; we must expand the range of testing to all areas so that we can act. Only in this This is the only way to get out of the state isolation; just imagine if this had to go on for a long time, can we stay like this? We must overcome economic and social catastrophe”, the President said.

“For a long time, I was backing convincing, comprehensive and above all socio-economic measures for businesses. The affected are offered unrealistic help and a loan that exacerbates our debts.

For more than 10 years we had been convinced that there was a reserve. Every year, billions of so-called “surpluses” were spent without rules. The crisis has shown that the fund is empty and needs a loan. And this time, we must be very careful with this loan as it must be spent under strict public scrutiny so that the money is not lost again like in the past.

I have no intentions to engage in confronations on my part. My veto enforced corrections to dangerous provisions in the law that even the GERB recognized and accepted. It is about time the Prime Minister to accept the truth, just as his Members do. Now is not the time for angry attitudes and national excitement”, Radev said. /ibna