Bulgaria: The Borissov Gov’t resigned at the inaugural session of the 45th National Assembly, Radev announced the start of consultations

Bulgaria: The Borissov Gov’t resigned at the inaugural session of the 45th National Assembly, Radev announced the start of consultations

Pursuant to Article 111 (2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov submitted to the newly elected 45th National Assembly the resignation of the Council of Ministers.

The letter from Prime Minister Borissov, in which he resigned from the cabinet, was submitted to the Speaker of the National Assembly on Thursday through the offices of the two institutions, the government’s press service said.

According to Article 111 (3) of the Constitution, the government headed by Prime Minister Borissov will continue to perform its duties until the election of a new Cabinet, in order to maintain governance.

Come Monday, he will consult with parliamentary groups to form a government, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said during a speech to the 45th National Assembly.

“Achieving a government majority should not be a mathematical sum of votes. An anarchist coalition can only deepen the crisis. You know the premise that when everyone is in power, people are in opposition. We need clear priorities, clear boundaries of possible compromises and clear political responsibility, which will not be hidden behind the data of the experts”, Radev said. “Regardless of the course of the consultations and the mandates, the National Assembly must take immediate action to reform the electoral law”, Radev urged. “If the National Assembly does not form a government, it will appoint a caretaker government”, Radev said.

“It is up to you for the National Assembly to work professionally and honestly,” said the Bulgarian President, in his address to the MPs. You have inherited an institution in deep crisis. The previous National Assembly resigned from parliamentary control. Procedural techniques were used to avoid public debate. There was a practice of the administration, submitted by a group of MPs, in order for the Cabinet not to assume political responsibility. The basic laws were amended with regulations in secret. The legal nullification of the 44th National Assembly reached its peak when the majority decided to save time under the pretext of a new constitution”, Radev said.

“I thank those of you who have stopped this political and legal paranoia. I often vetoed, but my arguments rarely had a therapeutic effect. It is time to accept that the presidential veto is not a war act with the National Assembly, but a means of improving the laws. All of the above led to a historic collapse in the trust of the most important institution of democracy – the National Assembly. It is your mission to revitalize parliamentarism. The first test of your success will be the restoration of real parliamentary control over the executive. No one can change you, sell you or hire you or drown out your voice. You have the free will and the confidence of thousands of voters and you can not be a slave to any political leader”, Radev said.

The 45th National Assembly convenes in difficult times, it is an expression of the monthly protests and the common will for change. Some of you envision a short life in the 45th National Assembly”, Radev added.

“Time will tell what this parliament will be like and it depends on you, but no matter how long it takes, there are responsible and urgent decisions before the parliament. The first is the formation of a government, the crisis with COVID-19, bankruptcies, poverty, urgent budget updates”, Radev said.

The most important immediate goal is to strengthen the state, to dismantle the government model rejected by the voters, to neutralize the backstage. Without achieving this goal, any new management configurations are doomed to failure, and Bulgaria will be ranked last in the EU in terms of quality of life”, Radev added.

“It is time for parliament to take more control of the money spend by the administration”, he said.

“The fight against corruption is impossible without free media. Ensuring media freedom with transparency of media ownership. This must be one of the main priorities of this National Assembly. “The old national assembly isolated the journalists; I hope you will correct this mistake”, Radev added./ibna