Bulgaria strongly condemns latest North Korean missile launch

Bulgaria strongly condemns latest North Korean missile launch

Bulgaria strongly condemns the latest missile launch by North Korea, the Foreign Ministry in Sofia said on September 15.

In less than two weeks, North Korea has carried out a second extremely serious provocation, which intensifies tensions in the region and jeopardizes world peace and security, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said.

“We strongly condemn this further violation of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions. We welcome the new Resolution 2375 unanimously adopted on September 11 2017 introducing new sanctions against the DPRK, and the convening of an extraordinary session of the North Korean Nuclear and Missile Security Council today,” the statement said.

Bulgaria supports the intention expressed by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogerini regarding a more active EU role in seeking a peaceful exit from the crisis, as well as the adoption of new EU autonomous sanctions and close interaction with international partners on the case.

“Again, we urge the DPRK to immediately terminate its nuclear and ballistic program once and for all in a comprehensive and irreversible manner, fully implementing its international commitments, and engaging in a constructive dialogue with the international community to find a way out of the situation peacefully,” Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry said.

Mogherini said on September 15 that “the launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) of another Ballistic Missile over Japan is a new outrageous provocation. The security of the DPRK’s immediate neighbours, the wider region and the entire international community is threatened. The DPRK’s international obligations are breached.”

“The European Union stands in solidarity with the people of Japan, the Republic of Korea and the wider region. I will be in touch with the Foreign Minister of Japan, Taro Kono, to address this latest launch and keep coordinating the work,” Mogherini said.

She said that the EU stays consistent and united in its position: the DPRK must cease further reckless provocations and abandon its nuclear weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programmes in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner and immediately cease all related activities.

The unanimous decision of the United Nations Security Council to introduce fresh sanctions on the DPRK only a few days ago, as a reaction to the DPRK’s latest nuclear test, shows that the entire international community is united as to the way forward, Mogherini said.

“The European Union is swiftly and strictly implementing this latest UN Security Council Resolution. Today, we will update the list of sanctioned people and entities in line with this Resolution, and transposition of the Resolution’s other provisions is progressing rapidly.

“In addition, we will also work actively to ensure that all UN measures are fully implemented by the entire international community. Strict implementation by all is essential if the sanctions are to be effective.”

While the European Union’s current restrictive measures against the DPRK are already the most stringent it has in place for any country, we are already working on additional autonomous EU measures to complement the decisions taken by the United Nations, Mogherini said.

“Our work will be accelerated even more by this latest launch. This was the common European Union approach agreed by Foreign Ministers when we met last week on the issue.

“The international community has shown restraint in the face of the continued provocations by the DPRK. This must continue. We will keep working, through stronger economic and diplomatic pressure, to open up a political process to achieve the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula through peaceful means,” Mogherini said./IBNA