Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia officials meet to discuss telecom links

Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia officials meet to discuss telecom links

Sofia, August 7, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Clive Leviev-Sawyer of The Sofia Globe

When the topic of interconnection of grids in South-Eastern Europe is brought up, usually it is in relation to gas pipelines and electricity lines to increase energy security in the region, but telecommunications is another area where efforts are underway to bring Balkan neighbours closer.

In June, deputy ministers from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia met in the town of Vidin ­– on the Danube River separating Bulgaria from Romania and a stone’s throw away from the border with Serbia – to kick-start the process. On August 6, the second meeting of officials was held in Sofia to discuss the technical characteristics of each country’s telecom network and the degree to which they can be connected.

The goal of the project is to give state institutions and public organisations in the three countries the opportunity to use high-speed secure broadband channels for information exchanges, allowing them to develop joint trans-border projects in areas such as e-government, education and health care, officials said.


(Photo: Bulgarian Transport and Telecommunications Ministry)