Bulgaria: Record number of mountain rescue operations in 2017

Bulgaria: Record number of mountain rescue operations in 2017
The year 2017 will last for another 23 days, and it has already registered a record number of rescue missions in Bulgaria’s beautiful mountain ranges. The country’s Mountain Rescue Service was called for help 2,457 times so far, or about 8 times per day, on average. Chances are, the number will rise further, before this year is over.

Rescue operations are mostly the responsibility of the Mountain Rescue Service. This organisation gets called when mountaineers are injured and can not continue their hiking or climbing action, or when climbers or hikers get lost in the wild, as individuals or in groups. But the Bulgarian Red Cross helps as well, depending on the case. Also skiers need to get rescued a lot.

In the Bulgarian mountains, winter sports enthusiasts who underestimate weather conditions while overestimating their own capabilities are the ones who need to be saved the most, according to a report by Bulgarian National Television (BNT). Especially skiers and snowboarders who like to take risky action are frequent “customers” of the saviours.../IBNA

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