Bulgaria: Radev kicks off consultations with party reps for gov’t formation

Bulgaria: Radev kicks off consultations with party reps for gov’t formation

On Monday, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev commenced consultations with members of the parties represented in Parliament for the formation of a government. “The complex security environment, the pandemic, the deadline to propose an effective stability plan, all require effective governance,” Rumen Radev said at his first meeting with GERB-SDS coalition representatives. “The government is in the process of resigning while the current prime minister is on leave. Operational and responsible actions are necessary to form a government.”

“We are a responsible party,” said the coalition. We have stated that as the strongest political force we must propose the formation of a government that will start its work as soon as possible,” chairman of the parliamentary group of the GERB-SDS coalition Denislava Atanasova stressed.

The second party to consult with President Radev was runner-up formation “There Is Such A People”.

“All public eyes are on you,” said the Bulgarian president. The GERB has stated its readiness to form a government, but whether that happens will depend on the MPs, the representatives of the people. If the recommendation proposed by the GERB is submitted but rejected, the responsibility will fall on you. Your role entails responsibilities. Expectations for you will grow.” The vice-president of “There Is Such A People” Tosko Jordanov said after the meeting with the President of the Republic that “the party will announce its intentions if and when it receives a mandate to form a government.”

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) was the third party to consult with the President of the Republic.

We will support the government of the second strongest political force of the party “There Is Such A People” if they ask us, said Kornelia Ninova, president of BSP which came in third in the recent elections. “We believe that the government to be formed must be stable in order to be able to deal with the social and economic crisis and the crisis in the health system. But there are four conditions to support the party ‘There Is Such a People”; take urgent action to deal with the crisis, start controlling the GERB administration,  prepare the Recovery and Development Plan and, finally, amend the electoral legislation.”

The Minority Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) confirmed to President Radev, as the fourth strongest political force, that they are ready to support a government comprising the three new political forces in parliament – “There Is Such A People”, “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Stand Up.BG”. “We are waiting for the agendas and priorities of the candidates for prime minister and government to be presented,” Karadaya said. He clarified that among the priorities the MRF will insist on are the fight against the COVID-19 crisis, including socio-economic measures and the acceleration of vaccine rollout, the preparation of the recovery and sustainability plan and the preparation of the state for the next business period.

The President held his fifth round of consultations with representatives of the “Democratic Bulgaria” party.

A strong and stable government can only exist with the mandate of the party “There Is Such A People,” chairman of the parliamentary group of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov clarified during their meeting.

“Most of the voters who want change have chosen to trust ‘There Is Such a People.’ If the party asks for our support, we are ready to hold responsible and creative talks,” Ivanov said. He claimed “Democratic Bulgaria” has no reason to wait for a possible mandate to form a government, as it is the fifth largest parliamentary group. Ivanov believes the early-elections scenario should not be ruled out.

The coalition “Stand Up.BG” would support a government with the participation of the protest parties “There Is Such A People” and “Democratic Bulgaria”, but not a government of Boyko Borissov’s GERB party, co-chairwoman of the parliamentary group Maya Manolova stressed during her consultations with the President of the Republic.

According to her, “people expect the formation of a stable government, which will stand behind ordinary citizens, Bulgarian businesses and restore confidence in the Bulgarian institutions.”

The coalition “Stand Up.BG” was the last parliamentary formation with which President Rumen Radev held consultations. Tomorrow, the state leader will order the formation of a government in the largest parliamentary group – GERB-SDS (Union of Democratic Forces.) /ibna