Bulgaria: Protesters shut down Danube bridge in Ruse

Bulgaria: Protesters shut down Danube bridge in Ruse

Several citizens blocked with their vehicles the middle of the junction on the Danube bridge in the city of Ruse this morning. The protesters stated that they were standing in solidarity with the 3rd “Great Popular Uprising” that was announced for today.

Protesters on the Danube bridge also commented on the resentment of some Ruse residents, who believe it is not right for such a small group to block the intersection, which is crucial for international traffic.

“This is the idea, to make the work of the state as difficult as possible, because there is no way to block the Prime Minister or someone from the ruling party, since they are hiding. No one knows where they are going so that we can tell them directly what we think of them. If anyone would be kind enough to propose an alternative, we would give it a go. Usually in Bulgaria there are 6 million experts on how to do this, but no one actually does it; they stay at home instead. A lot of people are complaining on Facebook, but they are not going out to protest, which means they agree with what is happening”, said Mitko Ruzinov, who supports the protest.

The demands of the protesters in Ruse remain unchanged and include the resignation of the government and the attorney general.

“These are the first steps, and then we go on to hold fair elections, not buy-outs. We also want mechanical and remote voting systems. At the moment, what we are seeing is the government blocking the possibility of anyone else holding elections other than themselves. I see no other reason for them to not resign”, said Mitko Ruzinov.

The blockade of the Danube bridge near Ruse lasted until late in the afternoon. Border police and traffic police diverted private vehicles, however truck drivers had to wait for the blockade to be lifted. /ibna