Bulgaria: Political consultations for a government formation have not made anyone any wiser

Bulgaria: Political consultations for a government formation have not made anyone any wiser

Today, the President of the Republic Rumen Radev will assign the mandate to form a government to the candidate for Prime Minister of the largest parliamentary group in the 45th National Assembly of the GERB-SDS, announced the Press Office of the Presidency.

Uncertainties over government formation remain after President Rumen Radev held political consultations Monday with the parties represented in parliament at the new 45th National Assembly.

“The president cannot be the architect of a future coalition and government. I do not want to involve the presidential institution in this process in any way. Forming a government is the sole responsibility of parliament and the parties there. “My role is to offer a platform for dialogue, which I am doing at the moment,” the President had said at the beginning of the talks.

GERB was the first to come to the Presidential Office, as it is again the leading force in parliament, confirming their readiness to propose a draft cabinet. For the first time, party leader Boyko Borissov will not be leading, with Daniel Mitov being proposed for prime minister.

The President will deliver the first of the investigative mandates to GERB on Tuesday 20 April.

From what is known so far, it is clear that none of the other political forces will support it, which excludes the possibility of the GERB/SDS coalition achieving a majority of 121 deputies, as by themselves they have only 75 deputies.

If they do not have prior support, the party will return the mandate, it became clear in today’s talks.

“We are ready for the government, for the opposition and for new elections”, said Denislava Atanasova, chairwoman of the largest parliamentary group.

The second political force “There is such a people”, led by the popular TV presenter Slavi Trifonov, so far seems to be the only one who can take office and elect a government. His representatives in today’s consultation were again concise. “We will do what we said before the election. We will not form coalitions with the systemic parties”, pointed out the vice-president Toshko Yordanov, according to whom, if a government is formed, it will be together with the other two protest parties “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Stand Up! Mafia Out!”.

“When the mandate arrives, I will give you an answer”, he added.

Support for the protesting parties for the formation of the government was also expressed by the minority MRF, which is based on the results of the parliamentary elections as a desire for change in the voters.

The BSP is also ready to support a cabinet with a mandate to the party “There is such a people” without participating in it, but under certain conditions. “There must be a government. It will receive our support for this in principle, in 4 political directions without participating. “If they do not invite us from ‘There is such a people’, good luck”, BSP leader Kornelia Ninova said yesterday. “If everyone stand by what they promised before the election, there will be common ground”, she added.

The parties “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Stand Up! Mafia Out!” have also stated that they will support such a Government in principle./ibna