Bulgaria: Phone conversation between Borissov-Putin

Bulgaria: Phone conversation between Borissov-Putin

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

We are interested in continuing our cooperation with Russia in the field of gas in strict compliance with European rules, President Boyko Borissov stressed addressing the Russian President.

The two men also discussed the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The Bulgarian Prime Minister noted the measures were being implemented by Bulgaria to tackle the pandemic. “Within just a few days, the Bulgarian industry is being reorganized to produce and provide the necessary protective clothing for medical teams across the country. We are applying all measures adopted by the global medical community to contain the pandemic”, Boyko Borissov informed Vladimir Putin.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister also raised the issue of the possibility of Bulgaria purchasing respirators from Russia, which are extremely important for the treatment of coronavirus patients. During the discussion, it was noted that Russian scientists were making serious efforts to develop the COVID-19 vaccine.

The two men also elaborated on the situation in Syria during their conversation. Borissov informed the Russian President there were close to zero migration flows to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. “We continue with all our will to fight for peace and good neighborliness. I am convinced that only diplomacy can resolve conflicts”, Borissov noted, expressing his conviction that words and dialogue would prevail to end the humanitarian crisis.

In addition, their conversation focused on energy. The Bulgarian Prime Minister briefed the Russian President on the progress of the construction of BalkanStream, which would consolidate its role in transporting gas to Europe for many decades. So far, more than 20,000 pipes have been transferred to the construction site and more than 6,000 have been delivered to the port of Burgas. The pipelines will extend for more than 140 kilometers, of which 120 kilometers have been welded.

“We are interested in continuing our cooperation with Russia in the field of gas, in strict compliance with European rules, in order to ensure the security of gas supply in Bulgaria and the region”, Boyko Borissov stressed during their talks. The Bulgarian Prime Minister welcomed the agreement reached between Gazprom Export and Bulgargaz to reduce the price of natural gas in Bulgaria by 40.3% over the European Commission’s decision.

Finally, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin congratulated the Bulgarian Prime Minister on the national anniversary of March 3rd. /ibna