Bulgaria: Mitov kicks off consultations with parties as he announces proposed Cabinet

Bulgaria: Mitov kicks off consultations with parties as he announces proposed Cabinet

“We will first ask for support from the political groups and parties with which we relate the most on an ideological basis. This is ‘Democratic Bulgaria’, we will formally invite them for consultations and after that it is up to them to provide a response; we will formally invite them. We will also invite the party There Is Such A People,” Daniel Mitov, the GERB-SDS coalition’s candidate for Prime Minister announced.

“We had no informal talks with anyone, Mitov added, noting that the GERB would not seek support from the Socialist Party (BSP) and the minority MRF.

I hope that normal political dialogue can be restored in the Bulgarian political landscape and in parliament. We have said it many times, the election campaign is over and now it is time to get to work. The state needs a stable cabinet quickly,” Mitov said.

“We will not delay the process unnecessarily. If we our cabinet has no chance of receiving support, we will take a decision. Overcoming the pandemic crisis is a top priority. Bulgaria must also have a clear position in line with NATO and the EU,” Mitov added.

The cabinet proposal was formulated following a debate between him and Borissov, Mitov added.

The government of Prime Minister-designate Daniel Mitov includes:

Rumen Hristov – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

Tomislav Donchev – Deputy Prime Minister in charge of EU funds

Ekaterina Zaharieva – Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kiril Ananiev – Minister of Finance

Denitsa Sacheva – Minister of Labor and Social Policy

Kostadin Angelov – Minister of Health

Kalin Velov – Minister of Culture

Lyuben Dilov-son – Minister of Tourism

Alexander Ivanov – Minister of Regional Development

Zhecho Stankov – Minister of Economy

Delyan Dobrev – Minister of Energy

Ivelina Vasileva – Minister of Environment and Water

Hristo Terziiski – Minister of the Interior

Desislava Ahladova – Minister of Justice

Desislava Taneva – Minister of Agriculture

Krassimir Valchev – Minister of Education.

Rosen Zhelyazkov – Minister of Transport

Krasen Kralev – Minister of Sports /ibna