Bulgaria: GERB returns gov’t formation mandate

Bulgaria: GERB returns gov’t formation mandate

I accept the decision of the GERB Executive Committee to return the mandate to form a government, to inform the President and to work in Parliament.

This is what former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said on a Facebook Live video. Borissov delivered his speech from his home, and at the table with him were Prime Minister-designate Daniel Mitov, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev, Kostantin Angelov, Sofia Mayor Jordanka Fantakova, Tsveta Karayancheva, Desislava Atlasova of the GERB.

The party “There Is Such A People” will not be forming a government, they are afraid and will not act responsibly like us, said Borissov and urged that the plenary session of the parliament be broadcast as much as possible so that everyone can see what is happening.

These are inexperienced people, irresponsible, driven only by hatred. They fail in everything they do, the resigned Prime Minister commented.

“I saw how they voted over ten thousand leva, salaries. I saw how they enter the official ‘Mercedes’. I saw how the most vicious practice in parliament – voting with foreign cards – was reinstated and it came from There Is Such A People,” Borissov said, adding that “yesterday the mobsters brought lawyers to parliament. By noon, the mountain lawyers are in the courtroom or in the offices, and in the afternoon they will call the Attorney General or the Chief Justice to report to them on what they are doing. They will crush them there. There will be a literal dependence of judges.”Not to mention the lies about the majority, Dad will buy me a bike, but another time,” Borissov commented.

As he claimed, in two months there will be early elections and the same scenario will be repeated. Borissov admitted that the GERB, if not first, will definitely come in be second.

They want to be foggy, to lie, to cheat. Do not be fooled by them. The Bulgarians are a very wise people. People did not give us the upper hand,” Borissov said adding “we have done a lot and we have a lot to change and do and because we have been out of control for a long time, they will have them controlling us. This is my interpretation of the election,” he concluded. /ibna