Bulgaria: Forming a government for Radev is urgent

Bulgaria: Forming a government for Radev is urgent

“The political situation is escalating, the crises the same. “This makes the need for a regular government even more urgent,” said President Rumen Radev at the start of a second round of consultations with parliamentary parties to form a government.

The President of the Republic stressed that all possibilities must be exhausted. The first meeting took place with the representatives of the party “There is such a people” – ITN, who, although winners of the parliamentary elections, failed to form a government.

“We tried but they abandoned us in the middle of the conversation. “But there are five other parties in the National Assembly and now the responsibility lies with them,” said ITN spokesman Toshko Yordanov.

Last night, the leader of the ITN party, Slavi Trivonov, wrote on Facebook that his party would support the caretaker government due to the immigration crisis.

“There is no need for further consultation with the GERB Central Committee – when you give us the mandate, we will return it within the same day,” said GERB Central Committee President Desislava Atanasova at the beginning of the second consultation with President Rumen Radev. For his part, the president replied that this was a relief for him.

At the beginning of the talks, which aim to exhaust all possibilities for the formation of a normal government within the 46th National Assembly, Radev and Atanasova exchanged sharp blows./ ibna