Bulgaria: Food services should not open before March 1, Mutafchiiski argues

Bulgaria: Food services should not open before March 1, Mutafchiiski argues

Professor Ventsislav Mutafchiiski and President of the National Operations Headquarters for COVID-19, hosted by bTV, said he did not think restaurants should open before March 1.

“My personal view is that restaurants should not open before March 1. At the moment we are in excellent condition, we are one of the few countries in the orange rather than the red zone. Why do we want to get out of this favorable situation?”, Mutafchiicki said.

These statements were made a few hours before the planned protest of the association of food service companies and related bodies of the catering industry, in front of the building of the Council of Ministers with the slogan “March of Freedom”.

During the protest, entrepreneurs and employees in the restaurant will raise financial demands, for the payment of compensation to employees and companies, as well as the opening of their businesses.

According to the Union, about 30% of businesses have gone bankrupt and will not open at all, as this percentage increases with each passing month, resulting in job losses and companies that go bankrupt.

The pace of vaccinations is slow

Commenting on the start of the vaccination campaign in the country, Mutafchiiski noted that according to the data, the pace is very slow compared to other countries of the European Union. According to him, this is noticeable at the beginning of the campaign and not for the further process, as large quantities of vaccines are expected in the coming months.

“The first quarter is quite meek, deliveries are delayed. But there will be regular deliveries for the second and third trimesters. We are talking about 200 thousand “Moderna” every quarter. Pfizer will have to deliver more than 4.5 million vaccines by the end of the year. “We will have more than 12 million vaccines”, Professor Mutafchiiski said.

As he explained, the vaccine worked. “10 days after taking the second dose, I already have immunity and a large number of antibodies”, Professor Mutafchiiski pointed out.

“There are many unknown things about coronavirus, but it is a fact that my immune system needs to be activated and when the virus enters the nasopharynx, it will be destroyed. All vaccines provide a 100% guarantee that you will not get seriously ill, said Professor Mutafchiiski, referring to the “AstraZeneca”, “Moderna” and “Pfizer” vaccines.

As for the contraindications, he said that absolutely all vaccines have the same contraindications. People with cancer should not be vaccinated, nor with allergies that lead to serious conditions, nor with people undergoing chemotherapy or autoimmune diseases.

Professor Mutafchiiski commented on the spread of the new strain. “The new mutation is many times more contagious, according to initial data – between 30% and 70%. There is no indication that they are more deadly. We must keep in mind that the higher number of infections due to the new strain paralyzes the health system and this can make it fatal.

He stressed that, according to the manufacturers, the vaccines are effective against the new strains, and especially against the British. “The more this virus circulates in the human population, the more it will change. “The goal is to vaccinate faster to stop its circulation”, Professor Mutafchiiski said.

Finally, he stated categorically that neither scarves nor helmets can play the role that masks play in preventing coronavirus. It is recommended to wear masks with greater protection, which is already mandatory in some European countries”, Professor Mutafchiiski said./ibna