Bulgaria: Coronavirus vaccine will be free to citizens

Bulgaria: Coronavirus vaccine will be free to citizens

The vaccine against COVID-19 will be available free of charge to Bulgarian citizens, according to a statement by Bulgarian Health Minister Konstantin Angelov from Stara Zagora.

“There is a teleconference with all EU Health Ministers scheduled for next Friday, which will clarify any questions, concerns or mechanisms for providing this vaccine”, Angelov added.

“You know that the Bulgarian parliament has ratified an agreement authorizing the EU to negotiate a vaccine on behalf of all Member States. When that happens, it will be completely safe for Bulgarian citizens. It will not be mandatory. Leave this stream of people who are worried and believe that they will be forcibly included in the immunization process; they should know that this vaccine will be handed out completely voluntarily, at the request of any Bulgarian citizen”, the Minister announced, reiterating that the vaccine is for all Bulgarian citizens wishing to receive it.

“The Bulgarian government has calculated the vulnerable groups of people who are most at risk. These are people over the age of 65, these are people with chronic illnesses, key workers, and their number is just over 2 million. These are our quotas, which we announced for the granting of such a vaccine, and once it has passed all the certification procedures and registered with the European Medicines Agency, this vaccine will be provided to the Bulgarian citizens. I emphasize that it is extremely important for us to let the citizens know that what will be introduced to the Bulgarian market will have passed every test”, Angelov said.

“There is currently no vaccine in Bulgaria, no vaccine will be tested on any person, as some voices in the public debate claim. Once the vaccine is available in Bulgaria, it will be free and voluntary,” Angelov reiterated. He added that that Bulgaria has set 2.3 million as a quota. “As far as I know, for the first vaccine, which is currently being produced by Astra Zeneca, we are waiting for the contract to be signed and, consequently, the deliveries of this vaccine will follow when it is ready”, the minister added. /ibna