Bulgaria: Borissov attends virtual European Council Summit

Bulgaria: Borissov attends virtual European Council Summit

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov attended a meeting of the European Council held online.

The main topic of the European leaders’ discussion was the debate upon the European recovery plan, which consists of the proposal for a new Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027 (MFF) and the “Next Generation EU” tool, created specifically for tackling the challenges in the fight against coronavirus.

“Our country supports the Recovery Plan, as the proposed approach is ambitious, excellent and temporary. With this, the European Commission manages to combine innovative ways to deal with the crisis and the benefits of borrowed capital with the potential of the EU budget. A balanced compromise between grants and loans has been proposed”, said Borissov. The Bulgarian Prime Minister underlined that the European Commission’s proposal reflects the need for faster recovery from the crisis, so that, on the one hand, a two-speed EU development can be avoided, while on the other hand, convergence is stepped up.

As for the next MFF, the Bulgarian Prime Minister expressed optimism that European leaders would soon reach a compromise. “I believe that next month we will be able to reach a decision on a balanced agreement that will provide funding for all policies, priorities, means and measures, including tackling this latest challenge for the EU – the coronavirus. However, further efforts are needed on traditional EU priorities in terms of budget and implementation rules”. “Paying attention to the poorest areas in order to overcome deep socio-economic problems is an inevitable precondition for achieving long-term economic growth, employment, investment and EU integration as a whole and beyond the current economic crisis”, Borissov added.

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria congratulated the Croatian Presidency of the EU Council. “Bulgaria appreciates the constructive cooperation with the Croatian Presidency, which has achieved a number of successes in this unprecedented situation”. “We welcome Croatia’s efforts, together with those of the European Commission and the Council of Europe, to overcome the crisis, including their work on a bundle of stimulus measures”, said Prime Minister Borissov. The Prime Minister noted that Croatia has maintained the momentum created during the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Initiative in the Western Balkans. Prime Minister Borissov also congratulated Croatia on the successful work of its Presidency, which led to the Council of Europe’s decision to start pre-accession talks with the Republic of North Macedonia and Albania. /ibna