Bulgaria arrests seven Border Police at Danube Bridge over bribes

Bulgaria arrests seven Border Police at Danube Bridge over bribes

Seven Bulgarian Border Police are in 72-hour custody following their arrest at the Danube Bridge checkpoint with Romania, and are facing charges of acting as an organised crime group, involved in asking for and receiving bribes.

This was announced by the Prosecutor’s Office on November 17, a day after the operation against the Border Police.

At the homes of the Border Police, about 20 000 leva (about 10 237 euro) was found, in different currencies.

Initially, 10 Border Police were held, but only seven were now being kept in custody, a spokeperson for the Prosecutor-General’s office said.

The Border Police had been kept under video and audio surveillance. Drones were used in the surveillance.

Prosecutors are confident that the evidence gathered through special covert surveillance enables sufficient recognition of the faces of those who had solicited bribes.

The Border Police asked for the bribes from those passing the border checkpoint in return for not subjecting them to detailed checks.

Allegedly, the Border Police warned business people that if they were not given kickbacks, they would summon mobile teams of customs officers who would do a thorough check of their cargo.

“These are humiliating and abusive practices that we will terminate,” the head of Bulgaria’s special prosecution office, Ivan Geshev, said./IBNA