Bulgaria: 1 in 5 Bulgarians believe Gates is behind COVID-19 – survey

Bulgaria: 1 in 5 Bulgarians believe Gates is behind COVID-19 – survey

76% of the Bulgarians believe that Bulgaria has managed to control the pandemic.

One in five Bulgarians believes the coronavirus vaccine will incorporate chips for control. More than a fifth of Bulgarians believe Bill Gates is behind the pandemic. More than two million three hundred thousand Bulgarians agree with the statement that coronavirus is an artificial disease. This is shown by a survey conducted by Trend.

According to the survey, more than three-quarters of respondents (76%) positively assess the management of the pandemic, believing that Bulgaria has managed to control the pandemic. Only 10% believe that the management of the pandemic has failed.

Two-thirds of respondents say they have fully returned to their normal lifestyle after taking action. To a large extent it could be said that the state of emergency and measures to deal with coronavirus in the minds of Bulgarians are a thing of the past.

In its monthly survey, Trend asked a special questionnaire about conspiracy theories that have gained particular popularity in recent months.

One of the questions was about the introduction of 5G technology, with a third of respondents believing it to be dangerous. Traditionally, in all subjects, people with higher education are more informed than those with lower education. However, in higher education graduates, the percentage of those who consider 5G to be dangerous is the highest, 44% compared to 16% who do not consider it dangerous.

More than 2,300,000 Bulgarians agree that coronavirus is an artificial disease, while more than a quarter (26%) disagree with this estimate.

One in ten agree that the corona spread through 5G technology, while 41% are reluctant to agree.

Also according to the survey, a significant percentage (40%) believe that the new coronavirus is a biological weapon designed to reduce the Earth’s population. In terms of demographic analysis, it is observed that those living in small towns and villages agree to a greater extent with this estimate, while in the capital to a lesser extent.

More than a million people believe that coronavirus does not exist and that it is a global scam, while 56% disagree.

One in five Bulgarians (22%) believe that the vaccine will be used to plant chips to control the people.

About the same percentage (21%) believe that Bill Gates is behind the pandemic, in order to control people through chips that will be placed with the vaccine. 39% do not agree with this statement and a large percentage (40%) cannot judge or express an opinion.

Conspiracy theories always find a broad social base when they are linked to the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, the survey shows a high percentage (43%) of those who believe that COVID-19 is an artificial disease in order for pharmaceutical companies to make a profit, while 26% disagree./ibna