Brussels demands a deep reformation of EULEX to improve credibility

Brussels demands a deep reformation of EULEX to improve credibility

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, April 15, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The independent and external expert, Jean Paul Jacque has published on Tuesday the report relating to the inquiries over the claims for corruption within EULEX mission in Kosovo.

This report, which was received with much anticipation since the EU head of diplomacy, Federica Mogherini had appointed Jacque to make inquiries over EULEX mandate, has not issued many clarifications over the allegations for corruption in this mission, but it has explained the way how the mission has addressed these issues.

The criticism is mainly superficial and the issues are considered more as “poor management” and “communication” than violations in the functioning of the mission.

Jacque says that the report doesn’t aim at identifying whether there has been corruption in the mission or not, but he says that there have been cases when “there has not been evidence” that prove that the mission has attempted to conceal its traces.

The report says that Maria Bemieh has not left as her position as EULEX prosecutor, but she “did not pass a process of appraisal following a decision to reduce the number of prosecutors sent by participating countries at EULEX”.

The report also demands deep reforms within EULEX, in order “to improve its efficiency and credibility”, while saying that “it’s pointless that it [EULEX] continues to operate as it has operated so far”.

The report also says that in spite of what Bamieh believes, its suspension was not “a disciplinary action”, but “ a preventive measure which aimed at preventing further leakages of information on the press and it was justified with the fact that although she was not responsible for the leakages, the documents used as a basis for the press articles, have been written by her”.

The report also says that Maria Bemieh cannot be considered as ‘an external informer’ because her discoveries “have been effective and the examination procedures were consistent”.

British Labor MP, Richard Howitt, welcomed the report and said that “there must be deep reforms to improve efficiency and credibility within EULEX”, but said that he’s disappointed that the constant  judicial trials have been mentioned as a preventing prejudice in relation to original suspicions.

The suspicions have been reported in an extensive way, including the one that an EU judge may have been involved in accepting bribery in relation to a murder case, but which was strongly rejected since the beginning of the investigations.

But, British MEP Howitt is not happy with the findings of the report.

“It’s disappointing to see that the report says very little if there’s been corruption, although it’s admitted that corruption is being fought in the country, while the efficiency and credibility of the EU mission is in question”, says Richard Howitt.

Head of EU diplomacy, Mogherini has confirmed that she has received the report drafted by Jean-Paul Jacque.

“In compliance with my promise to secure maximum transparency, I have sent the report to the European Parliament and EU member countries. We will also make this report public”, Mogherini said.

“Our services are examining this report very carefully when we’re trying to find the best way to address the recommendations that it contains”, she said. /ibna/