Brussels agreement opportunity for Kosovo Serbs

Brussels agreement opportunity for Kosovo Serbs


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade

Recent “agreement about normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina is an opportunity for all Serbs in Kosovo. This agreement is based on compromise and Kosovo Serbs should accept its implementation. There is no alternative solution”, Rada Trajkovic, Member of Kosovo Parliament said for Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS).

“The agreement enabled Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo to coordinate their activities and also to define their demands. This was impossible until the deal had been brokered in Brussels. The agreement represents a chance for Serbs because it provides them possibility to act united. Serbian community had been legalized by the provisions of this agreement”, Rada Trajkovic explained.

The position of Serbian municipalities south of the River Ibar had been strengthened in accordance with the agreement. The ethnic Serbs enclaves in the areas predominantly populated by Kosovo Albanians “had been systematically neglected by Belgrade”, Trajkovic said. Brussels agreement enabled them to define their interests together with the Serbs from the northern Kosovo, she added.

“Our problems are in common. However, Belgrade had been concerned only for the people who live in the area that covers seven percents of the territory of Kosovo. For a long time around 93 percents of it had been treated in a different way”, Trajkovic rendered.

Kosovo Serbs “need guarantees that they will never be abandoned by Serbia. We will be be destroyed if Serbia abandoned us”, Trajkovic said.

“The implementation of Brussels agreement would be difficult. At the same time the implementation is obligatory. This is a great challenge for Kosovo and Metohija, and we have to use this opportunity”, Rada Trajkovic concluded. Serbia does not recognize independence of Kosovo, and considers it as Serbian Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija.

On Tuesday, the heads of five Kosovo districts met top Government officials in Belgrade, Serbian media reported. The positions of the two sides regarding the implementation of the Brussels agreement are brought closer.

The meeting in Belgrade gathered the representatives of all Serbian districts in Kosovo for the first time, Rada Trajkovic stressed.