Blast in a thermal power station in Kosovo, 3 dead and 14 wounded (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Blast in a thermal power station in Kosovo, 3 dead and 14 wounded (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Pristina, June 6, 2014. Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

PUBLISHED: 10:13 CET, 6 June 2014 | UPDATED: 17:01 CET, 6 June 2014

It’s officially confirmed, three dead and fourteen wounded by the blast at KEK

Three people have lost their life, while 14 died from the explosion of a hydrogen deposit today at 10:50 am in one of the departments of Block 5, at the thermal power station “Kosova A” in Obilic.

The news on the death of the three workers was confirmed by Berat Rukici, head of the Steering Committee at the Kosovo Power Corporation (KEK) and chief coroner, Arsim Gerxhaliu, who declared that he was called in as an expert to carry out the autopsy of the victims.

Meanwhile, the University Clinic Center has admitted 14 wounded people, who are not in a life threatening condition.

Thermal power station “Kosova A” has been scheduled to be shut down in 2017 in an effort to renovate the old energy system, while the construction of a new thermal power station has been announced.

Due to this tragic event, political parties in Kosovo have suspended the election campaign for Sunday’s parliamentary polls. The president of the country, Atifete Jahjaga has warned the possibility of postponing the elections. /ibna/

Whatch the video here

Fatal blast in a thermal power plant in Kosovo    kosovo ibna6

A powerful blast has happened a few minutes ago in the premises of the Power Corporation of Kosovo (KEK) in Obligh, in thermal power station “Kosova-A”.

The preliminary information indicates that 13 wounded have been identified so far as a result of the blast.

Head of production at KEK, Arben Gjuka said that the blast has been very powerful. “We still don’t know how many wounded and how many dead there are. Police is here doing its job”, said he.

The first information received suggests that there are three dead.

The blast has taken place in areas which assist KEK, while due to its magnitude, it has also been felt in several areas of Pristina. /ibna/

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