Božinović: Croatia will not become a new hotspot for illegal migrants

Božinović: Croatia will not become a new hotspot for illegal migrants
The Croatian minister of Interior, Davor Božinović once more stated how safe the country's borders are and how well they are guarder by border police amid fears that Croatia could become a  hotspot transit country for illegal migrants.

Although it is deeply concerning most Croats, it is true that smugglers are trying to have migrants cross from Bosnia to Croatia in order to reach other European countries, quite often.

According to HRT, the competent official not only reassured the people of the safety authorities are offering but also added "that the ministry monitors and regularly analyzes the movement of illegal migrants near the Croatian border."

As quoted by the Voice of Croatia, Božinović spoke about the reaction of Croatia in case Slovenia and Austria "completely close their borders in the event of another large scale wave of illegal migration. 'The message from these countries further down the migration route to road to Western Europe from Croatia, is that they are increasingly reducing access to their territory, and are ready to close their borders completely insomuch as we have another massive wave of illegal migrants. We have been saying this for months now, we are sharing our data and are prepared for any possible outcome. If someone further down the route closes their borders then Croatia has two options – to not allow illegal entry of any kind or to become a hotspot. Croatia will not become a hotspot', Božinović underlined.... / IBNA

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