Both sides are falling

Both sides are falling

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By Frrok Çupi

What new political force will be born to lead the country? This is the question. This is what the public asks and this is also what members of the entourage of both sides ask. Diplomats may ask this too because they need to report to their governments in the West.

The answer “there cannot be a new political force”, which is given by politicians, is the stupidest answer that may be given.

The Socialist Party convened the General Assembly and it almost announced its fall. The chairman of the Socialist Party declared two of the worst enemies of the government. The first enemy is the opposition, according to the Prime Minister. The second enemy is the people, who perceive the government as being “arrogant”.

A government that considers these two vital elements as a “danger”, has already fallen. No government in this century (even in other previous centuries) can live without the people and the opposition. It’s been a while that the government has lost the trust of its voters, it has asphyxiated the economy and some of the most basic freedoms, it has allowed criminals to do as they please, it has been involved in big corruption and it has destroyed the country’s orientation toward the big allies.

If elections are declared tomorrow, the government will not be able to win them.

But even the opposition would not be able to win. What’s the point of voting this opposition? People might as well vote the government. Although there’s a perception that the government is corrupt, pitiless, incriminated in the cultivation and smuggling of narcotics, the opposition has been perceived to have connections with the government too. The opposition is the government’s closest aid.  The secret agreement that was entered in May last year between the DP and SP, continues to be surrounded by the shadow of conspiracy against the opposition. The Democratic Party is completely divided, without energy, without ideas, without trust. On Monday, the Democratic Party will hold its caucus and discuss a topic which has nothing to do with the voters’ interests: the statute and the party’s chairman! It will do the same thing that the SP did on Saturday, to hold a caucus with the hope that it could stop its fall a little. The Democratic Party convened its National Assembly with the aim of making it another few more days.

Meanwhile, SMI, which is in opposition, is still considered to be “part of the government”.

They have fallen. The question is: “who will be born?” to fill their place and “what is expected of them?”

The first threat is the so called “Nobody else on the field!”

If, until the elections, there will be no other rival for the government, then, for the first time we will see the birth of the ghost of “people outside politics”. The threat that comes from the politically “uncontrolled crowds”, would bring chaos. Who would contain the crowds if the “crowd” emerges in some corner of the situation? The opposition has no authority whatsoever and its projects are no different to the government. The authority of the intellectual elite has long fallen. The media is controlled by the government and the financial oligarchy. Even the EU envoys no longer inspire any trust here. The support that they gave to criminalization, narcotics, bad governance, etc, has caused a big gap with the individual.  There can no longer be a second “Vranicky” of the 1997 crisis.

The second one is the slogan “all together”

If the formula “all together” meaning that everyone is involved in the governing of the country, had been proclaimed before the elections, then not even 20% of voters would participate in the polls and this is a failure of the democracy of the vote. The instinct of both sides to manipulate the vote would cause a “war” between the “allies” in the government and this would destroy the formula. Both sides would be unable not to manipulate. If the formula “a government of all” would be launched after the elections, this would be “fake”. The “joint government” experiment that came out of the May 2017 agreement between SP and DP, failed in a ridiculous way.

Third, will a “new force” be born?

If they are told that a new force will be born, they will answer “what force will this be?”. The SP and the DP have done everything within their power not to allow new forces to be born.

In western politics we’ve seen the birth of political forces that take the destiny of the country in their hands. France’s Macron was a banker and then minister, but he later became President of Republic. The US President, Donald Trump didn’t belong to any parties. He was a successful individual, but not in politics. Neither SP, nor DP in our country believed that “Trump has won”, even after he won. Not even Matteo Salivini could be perceived as the most victorious leader in Italy, at a time when another Matteo (Renzi), was governing badly. The British voted against the EU’s bureaucracy and left, thus defining a new western trend. German voters brought for the first time in the Bundestag, the extreme rightists of the Alternative for Germany. The Hungarian voters gave their confidence for the third time in a row to the conservative Orban, who has contested the EU’s enslaving policies on massive emigration. The Visegrad nations have been grouped under a conservative idea of “patriotic nations”, contesting the establishment of liberal governments.

Here, the field of political conservatism has been “burned” like the grass by both big parties, which are now expected to fall. They have made sure that no other political forces are born. This is a tragic mistake: those who declare that they are willing to “die” for their nation, do not recognize the value of the birth of useful forces.

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